Treasurer’s Corner

Please join me in welcoming Linda Thueme to the Casco Treasurer’s office. Linda will be serving you as Deputy Treasurer and will be happy to answer or direct any question you may have concerning taxes and assessing. In the following information I’ll try to address a few of the questions that are most frequently asked by Casco residents.

Due to a change in state law (PA 243 of 2002, all local units of government must collect the State Education Tax (SET) on a summer bill for the first time. The due date for this summer tax is September 15th. A 1% pre month late penalty is imposed by the state for all late payments. Directions for payment locations are printed on the tax bill, as are telephone numbers in case questions arise.

Please also note that because of this new payment requirement the state for is lowering the SET mills from 6 to 5 for this season only. Summer of 2004 will require the usual 6 mill payment. Your winter payment will, of course, reflect the deduction of your summer payment.

Select properties may defer payment of summer taxes based on age, income disability or agricultural classification. Deferral forms must be filed with my office by early September. Please call me if you would like a deferral form.

New Home Owners

All new home owners (purchasers or builders) must file a Homestead Exemption form with the local treasurer. To be granted this exemption, your home in Casco must be your primary residence. An 18 mill deduction is given to all those with Homestead status. Also, your Property Transfer Affidavit must be on file in our office within 45 days of purchase. Timely submittal of these forms helps to insure correct information on tax bills and Property Assessment notices.

Finally, please take time to review the Property Assessment notice that is mailed o you early each March by the assessor. Instructions for proofreading your notice are printed next to the figures. Pay particular attention to your Taxable Value as this is the figure upon which your actual tax payment is based (multiplied by your Township/County/School District millage rate.) The amount of your Assessed Value reflects half of the true cash value of your home and land. If you have any questions, please call my office early in March. If there is a problem it can be addressed at the Board of Review before tax bills are generated.

If you have any questions on your taxes, assessment or property, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office (586-727-7524).

Colleen Stover