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Tips for Heating Your Sunroom in Winter

Many homeowners decide to add a sunroom to their living space to get an extra room where they can have a great outdoor experience without having to get out of the comfort of their house. What’s more, there are different options for sunrooms that you can choose from, so you have the luxury of picking the one that best fits you and your family.

Unfortunately, there is a challenge of heating your sunroom during the cold months. This is because temperatures can drop significantly in that great space meant to relax, host guests, and enjoy the outdoor experience. However, you can explore some options for keeping the room warm.

Below are some tips to help you heat your sunroom:

Use Extended Ductwork

In some cases, this room for relaxing comes as an addition to the house hence has no ductwork. If you are looking to heat the room, you could consider extending the existing ductwork to reach the room. However, this is not a very energy-efficient option, but it offers a much-needed solution to the heating issue.

Once you have the ductwork in the sunroom, you can regulate the room’s temperature using the house’s central thermostat. But given that work of extending the ductwork may be challenging for you, you need to consider hiring a reliable HVAC expert.

Use Portable Heating Solutions

use a potable heating solution You may consider portable solutions to have good heating for your sunroom at an affordable budget. The leading mobile options are electric fireplaces and space heaters.

The beautiful thing is that the two options provide enough heat for sunrooms that are small or medium-sized. The beauty of the electric fireplace is that it gives a faux flame which has a soothing effect, as it also warms the room.

Install an HVAC System

Another option you may consider to heat your sunroom during winter and cool it in summer is to install an HVAC system for the room that is separate from the main house. The downside to this option is that it may cost you more, but it is one of the best solutions for regulating temperatures in the relaxing room.

A ductless HVAC system would be an excellent choice to regulate the temperatures in a room with cooling and heating issues. The system is better because it is more efficient and easier to install than the traditional one. It allows you to use a remote to turn the heat on or off so you can cut energy usage when not using the room.…