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Facts to Know About Gutter Pressure Washing

Gutters usually help to push rainwater away from the house. Maintaining your gutters in good condition is essential to ensure your home is not structurally damaged. Wood rot, leakages, wall staining, and weakened foundation are problems that improperly kept gutters can cause. To avoid all that, you can pressure wash the gutters occasionally. Below are some interesting facts about gutter pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Gutters Should Be Done Twice Each Year

cleaning gutterExperts recommend pressure washing your gutters at least twice each year. However, you can do it more often, depending on your needs. To get the best results, you can schedule the task for when the weather seasons are changing. The start of fall and spring are ideal times for gutter maintenance when leaves are falling and debris filling up the gutter quickly. If the gutters get filled at any time of the year, do not wait for the season to change for you to get them pressure washed.

You Can Hire Professionals to Clean the Gutters

Pressure washing gutters require some skills and experience. Doing it wrong can result in more damage to the property. To ensure you get the best results, you should consider hiring experts who specialize pressure washing in Baltimore, MD. That is especially convenient if you do not already own a pressure washer. Hiring professionals also allows you to spend your time on other errands and avoid all the safety issues that come with the job.

You Can Use Detergent When Pressure Washing Gutters

Experts recommend using detergent when pressure washing gutters. That is especially the case if there are any stains on the gutters. Before using detergent, ensure that you get rid of debris first. You should also use the right type of detergent, preferably those that do not harm the environment. Apply the detergent and wait a few minutes for it to soak and break up stains before you rinse the gutters.

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Cleaning Should Start Closest to the Downspout

To do the job effectively, you should always start cleaning the gutters from the downspout. That is especially the case if there is a lot of dirt and debris in the gutters. Starting away from the downspout will make the job a lot more difficult and sometimes result in clogging. If too much weight accumulates, the gutter might get damaged. The idea is to ensure all the debris can either be pushed out of the gutter or washed out. You should also avoid getting everything to go into the downspout.  


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