Supervisor’s Corner

I am sure most of you have wondered at certain times of the year why our roads seem so bad. You probably also wonder why it seems that even after grading that the roads don’t hold up very long before they are full of ridges and bumps. The roads are one of the biggest expenses the Township has and much of the tax dollars are spent trying to keep the roads in decent shape for all of us to travel on.

Spring thaw and rains play havoc on the road surfaces and many times they are too wet to grade or scrape smooth. At other times, we spend money and do a nice job grading and mother nature throws another ice or snow storm our way and we are too wet again to grade. Please be patient in March and April and know that I am watching the weather, talking to the road commission and making the best decisions I can to keep our roads functional in the spring. The road funds budgets for this year are approximately $180, 000.

Another huge expense for the Township is fire protection. The northern half of the Township is serviced by Richmond Fire Department and the south half is serviced by Ira Fire Department. The yearly cost to the township for these services is approximately $87,000. These services include the EMS, fire, rescue and related services. To off-set costs we do charge a nominal fee when residents and non-residents use the services of either fire department or Richmond-Lenox EMS. Residents pay less than non-residents. Each time the fire department workers respond to a medical situation be it a car accident, home accident or any medical emergency or fire it costs the Township about $800.00. We ask that each resident pay a small portion $50.00 – $250.00 depending on the actual nature of the call. If the Township were to establish our own fire/emergency services in Casco the cost would be phenomenal. As a resident and a township official I am grateful we have the services we have and would not want to go without any services at all.

The tax dollars collected from the residents for the Township is not nearly as much as you may think. The Township gets $0.80 cents per thousand of taxable value. For example, if your home is assessed at $200,000, and half of your assessed value is your taxable value of $100,000 x $0.80 = $80.00 that the Casco actually gets from your total tax bill to maintain roads, fire contracts and many expenses associated with running the Township. Additional money is needed because collected taxes from the residents cannot keep the Township going. We do get revenue sharing from the State of Michigan but this year it was cut by 3% because the State is broke too. We are continually monitoring and fighting for our portion of the revenue sharing from the State.

Please keep in mind that we are a zoned community and permits are required for all building projects and zoning is required on all structures even AG exempt buildings and buildings under 200 sq. feet.

I am available in the office Monday -Thursday during our regular hours to answer question or just chat. Come by and say hello when you’re in the area.