Building Department

Casco Township is a zoned community requiring building permits. Applications to build are available in the office during regular business hours. The typical permits for barns, homes, garages, additions, decks and ponds are the usual items requested but you may not know that pools over 24 inches also require permits. This includes above ground, and in ground pools. Decks and barriers are required to provide safety for pools. Building packets include the information needed to do the site plan, and township ordinances for required set backs, as well as, State Building Code requirements. Many people think the Township Board writes the rules for building department but this is not true. We adopted the State of Michigan Building Codes and we must follow the States rules and guidelines. Our building inspectors are required to inspect buildings to meet the State Code and enforce the guidelines set forth in the Code.

In addition to building permits check with the Township to see if mechanical, electrical or plumbing permits are required for the project you are doing. Applications for plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits are available at the township office also.

The Building Department tries very hard to help residents get going on their projects but delays sometimes can happen. Any delays are usually because the proper plans, site plan drawings and lack of necessary paperwork to get the project off the ground are not submitted or lack the detail needed for the plan review. I encourage you to get the building packets early on and read them thoroughly.

Inspections for any structure are to be called into me at the Township office during regular business hours. An inspection request is written up and given to the inspector. If you are not ready for the inspection when you requested it, a re-inspection fee will be charged if you are not ready at the time you requested. Inspections for electrical, plumbing and mechanical are to be called into the inspectors directly. The phone numbers are on the top of your permits.

Zoning is required for all AG Exempt buildings; please call the office for more information.